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 Kon Seng Srey Pak - Samuth

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kalbriecäT   2015-10-10 10:59:10
sarsMNUmBr   Chelsea June 18, 2012 - 2:15 pm yeah he is kind of a dreamboat. and super duper nice and has a acnect! i thought about getting him to sign a picture for you too alison (this one is for ravery's allison) but i figured i'd have to get one of matt too and that might get awkward :)
m©as;sMNUmBr      Grace

kalbriecäT   2015-10-10 12:20:46
sarsMNUmBr   Congratulations! It was so nice to read that you overcame fears of ninusrg in public. With a 1 yr and 2 yr old, I am still ninusrg my youngest and it took until baby #2 until I was used to feeding in public. So congrats to you!! Huge accomplishment! And co-sleeping will definitely keep you rested.Don't rush back to us - we will all still be here when you are ready. If you need any ideas for infant/older child mix environment, I've done a few posts on our learning environment.Oh, and yes, breastfeeding will melt the pounds away despite eating enough for 6 people!
m©as;sMNUmBr      Elver

kalbriecäT   2015-10-11 12:02:53
sarsMNUmBr   Jean has been growing chrery tomatoes in the backyard. I've not always been a fan of them but she got her hands on several different varieties. One of them produces yellow gourd-shaped tomatoes that are very tasty. I like to cut them in half and cook them over fish. yummy.
m©as;sMNUmBr      Mayara

kalbriecäT   2016-10-14 12:30:00
sarsMNUmBr   I want to send this song to
m©as;sMNUmBr      khan sochea

kalbriecäT   2016-10-14 12:30:01
sarsMNUmBr   I want to send this song to
m©as;sMNUmBr      khan sochea

kalbriecäT   2016-12-19 09:16:36
sarsMNUmBr   I want to send this song to tep pao Kalyan and her daughter Lisa living at Kom pong spue .
Samol Chea from America
m©as;sMNUmBr      Chea samol

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