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Business and Trends
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Cambodia’s GDP growth will hit only 1 percent in 2009, according to a news release
from a group holding an economic conference Feb 16 at which Prime Minister Hun Sen
Will speak. The conference will include several ministers and is being organized by
Economist Conferences, which is owned by the same company that publishes The
Economist magazine. The release notes that tourism, real estate, garments and
construction sectors face slowdowns and that will hurt economic growth, which was
approximately 5 percent in 20008. Several international organizations have forecast GDP
growth at between 4 and 5 percent for 2009 including the World Bank. “Trying to
navigate this less favorable environment will throw up serious challenges for the
government in the short term, not least how it should adjust fiscal policy to keep the
economy going, “said Justin expert for the Economist Intelligence Unit, according to the
release. The conference, which is closed to the public, is sponsored mainly by Acleda
Bank and Sciaroni & Associates, according to the release, and is being held for “senior
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More than 1,700 workers from LA Garment Factory protested outside a Phnom Penh
customs office Tuesday, demanding a tax exemption on the sale of the factory’s
equipment to pay workers two months’ back salary.
Ann Oudam, the factory’s chief of human resources, said Finance Minister Keat Chhon-
as well as the ministry’s tax department and the Council for the development of
Cambodia-had approved waiving export duties on the sale of the factory’s sewing
machines so they could be sold to a Malaysian buyer and the money could be used to pay
the $400,000 owed to the workers. However, he said, the Customs department would not
approve the deal without a court’s approval.
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