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Name Horoscope FENG SHUI :: What does My Name Mean?
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Names are our own unique vibration that we speak to the universe. It is what gives us our individuality, our ways of greeting each other. Each time our names are spoken, it sends out a vibration to the universe, and the sound travels, and forever floats out into the universe. I believe it is important to use our names with respect as it can send out a positive influence through to the infinite, and assist in making all of us more positive beings. There are two [2] different sections to this chapter, one is on our given name and the other is on our surnames, or ancestral names. Our given name gives us who we will be in our lives, our personality, our direction, and the influence of changes. Our last names represent our ancestors, our links to our past generations. In some cultures the ancestral name is never spoken, unless needed to contact the ancestors for assistance, or for information, on where we fit into the greater scheme of things.
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